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Many years ago, when Mr. C. was about 3 – years – old, I met a woman who was the mother of one of his preschool friends.  I was single at the time and knee-deep in working and raising my son.  Not much time for socializing especially if it meant spending money (didn’t have much of that either) or doing it without my boy.  This boy’s mother – her name was Karen – invited Mr. C. and me to Chuck E. Cheese one Friday as I picked him up after work.  Fortunately for me on that particular day I just happened to have a little money and some time.  As it turns out, that was the beginning of many Fridays spent sipping Chuck E. Cheese juice (also known as beer) and a very beautiful friendship.

Karen loved people.  She loved meeting new people and hearing their stories…every morbid, funny, heart wrenching and raunchy detail.  Through her I discovered the beauty in not only hearing the stories of others, but using your words to tell your own.  Free exchange of ideas, information and experiences was what she was all about and because of her, I grew.

I learned a lot from my friend.  I learned that we (people) are amazingly alike in spite of our differences.  I learned to be more accepting of things that may not be my cup of tea, but they can still be someone else’s and it’s okay.  I learned to really listen, not just with my head, but also with my heart. Most of all I learned that somethings in life are not good or bad, right or wrong, black or white…they just are.

Karen is just one of the many wonderful women that I have been blessed to meet, whether it be in person or in the blogosphere.  I consider myself beyond fortunate to be surrounded by some very smart, inspiring, generous, courageous, caring, wise, loving, loyal…I could go on…women of all ages and ethnicities.  I love interacting with them whether it be reading their blogs, visiting with them over lunch or carrying on hours-long telephone conversations.  Some of them I have recently met and some of them I call friend and/or family.  Now, I want to share a few of them with you. Well, 12 of them to be exact.

This year I am launching a new series of guests posts called “Her Own Words”.  Some of the women are writers and some of them are not, but they all bring their own unique perspective.  On the last Friday of each month I will feature a different guest blogger to write on a topic of her choosing.  There is no set word limit or theme.  Just her own thoughts and her own story in her own words. It may be poetry, fiction, humorous or serious, or even a photo essay.  Whatever she wants to share is just fine with me.  Her Own Words is about her.

You guys, I’m extremely excited!  I can’t wait for you to meet each of them and I hope that you all will tune in and read what these women have to say. I think that you will understand why each of these women is very special to me.


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