The Art of Saying Thank You

The Art of Saying Thank You
The Art of Saying Thank You


Thing 2 turned 7 about a month ago and invited several of her besties to party with her.  They played laser tag, did some bowling, ate some cake and generally had a good time.  It wasn’t at my house this year for which I am eternally grateful.  I simply hate the pre-clean up and post clean up rituals.  You know, you have to clean up to have company over then you have to clean up because you destroyed it during the party. I didn’t miss that part at all.

Like I said, that was a month ago and sadly – because we are void of manners – we haven’t sent out her thank you cards.  I’m so terrible at this.  Actually, for quite some time (like years) I skipped this part.  I mean, I would thank people profusely in person, but I hated writing the notes.  It was one more thing that I had to squeeze into my schedule (as if I needed more to do) and I just stopped.

I felt guilty.  Really guilty.  It didn’t help that my sister was always hounding reminding me about the notes.  One time she even bought me these really cute personalized note cards to offer me some encouragement.  Didn’t work.  They’re around here somewhere.  No, no…on second thought, I’m almost positive that the girls used them to write tea party invitations for their dolls.

This year, in an attempt to be a better version of myself (I said that with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek), I decided to do better in this area and bring back the Thank You Note.  I reminded Thing 2 several times that we had to get it done, but we simply kept running out of time.  Then this evening she and I were home alone together and she actually reminded me about it.  No one is more surprised than me.  Well, maybe not really surprised because she has a slight case of OCD, so…yeah…

As I addressed the envelopes, she wrote out the cards and I have to tell you that I was kind of annoyed at how long it was taking her to write each note.  It really shouldn’t take that long for a 1st grader to say thank you.  Then she proudly showed one to me and all at once I was so full of pride, while completely ashamed of myself.  Not only had she taken the time to thank each friend for their specific gift and tell them how much she loved it, but she also apologized for being tardy.  Then she signed off with uplifting statements about her friend like “You Rock!” or “You’re an awesome girl!” “or “You’re great at reading!” She actually said that!!! Each message was surrounded by hearts or flowers that she drew.

I cried.  She thought she had done something wrong and I assured her that she had done everything absolutely right. All this time I had been complaing about the time it took me to write out those notes.  Yet, she focused on the giver and not herself.  She actually took joy in writing the notes for each of her friends.

I really am going to be better because she inspires me to be better.

Mom: 2, maybe 3.    Thing 2: 1,300,000 and then some.



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    And since I am the sister who is always hounding you (uh-huh, yeah, I got that) tell my girl that she has it goin’ on and I’m gonna get her a new pack of personalized note cards. Game recognize game.

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      Lol!!!! Yes, game does recognize game!

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    I’m constantly amazed by all that my children taught me. Your daughter showed great generosity of heart to her friends, something we ask could learn from. Thanks for sharing this heartwarming story.

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    I love this and am so impressed by your sweet daughter. I am so bad about thank you notes, too

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      Thank you! One of her friends commented that she she loved the note. My daughter was beaming! ☺

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