Pepper – A Special Guest Post

Pepper, by Thing 2
Pepper, by Thing 2

It’s the last week of school (WHOOT!) which means there are piles and piles of papers, art projects, books and stuff all over my dining room table waiting to be sorted through.  If it’s something really cute, sweet or can somehow be recycled, then I keep it while everything else gets tossed.

Yesterday, while  going though some of my 1st grader’s work, I came across this very sweet, very short story that she wrote for class.  I know that she likes to write, but rarely does she share her work with me. I think I make her nervous.  Her story made me smile which is a good thing. I really liked it and not just because I’m her mom, but because there is very clear direction to the story and while it is the simple writings of a 7 – year old,  there is a fanciful quality that is very entertaining.  I hope that she has more words and chooses to share them with me.  I really like this part of her and all writers have to start somewhere, usually with an idea and a desire to put it on paper.  Needless to say, I will be keeping this assignment.

With permission of the author, I am sharing with you the very, very short story entitled “Pepper”, by Thing 2. It is a delightful story about a boy and his horse, but keep an eye out for the surprise ending.

* * * * * * * *

Once upon a time there lived a magic horse. His name was Pepper. His owner did not know that for

a long time. By the time his owner was 12 years old his owner realised (realized) something.  His

horse was acting strange.  The horse wasn’t eating right and wasn’t dring (drinking) anuff (enough).

All day he was stareing (staring) at the sky and was doing nothing.  One day it all changed.  The

horse was stareing (staring) at the sky and something happened.  The horse grow (grew) wings and

flew up into the clouds!  His owner was amased (amazed)! From that day on the owner new (knew)

that the horse was really a unicorn.

The End

See…I bet it made you smile, too! 🙂

Thing 2
Thing 2

Thing 2 is a 7 – year – old 1st grader, well at least she is for the next day and a half.  She loves gymnastics, running track, playing the piano, tormenting her older sister and apparently writing stories.  When not out on a long bike ride with her dad or in the pool during the long, hot Texas summers, you’re likely to find her wearing her Minecraft t-shirt, while playing Minecraft or reading about Minecraft. 


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    I enjoyed this very much. A new writer in our midst! I love it. Congratulations, Mama. Yes, it made me smile. #anddontgetmestartedonminecraft

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      You should have seen her face this morning when I showed her the post. Huge smile! And we will be limiting the Minecraft this summer. #lessminecraftmorewriting

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