Good Morning, Friends! (News Flash)

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Good morning, friends!  It’s another sunny, hot day here in south Texas and summer vacation is in full swing.  Track season has started for Thing 2, while Thing 1 is busy this week in a dance intensive – obviously, I’m just the chauffeur.  A well caffeinated chauffeur. There’s been lots of time spent at the pool and bedtime has been pretty much abolished.    Yay, summer!

Oh, and remember when I told y’all that I’m not going to make lunch for them during the summer (I’ve been traumatized by 9 months of packing a lunchbox)?  Well, there’s a refrigerator full of Lunchables and I’m not even ashamed of myself.  Don’t worry, they eat fruit, too.  Don’t judge.

I don’t really have anything to post here, but I do have an article being featured over at The Mid today! I’m so excited (singing in my best Pointer Sisters voice)!  Click here to read about my adventures talking to my kids about the birds & the bees.  Yes, it’s about that time or 2 that I’ve had to talk to my kids about where babies come from and believe it or not, there was no wine or coffee involved.  Just straight Lisa, no chaser. If you haven’t had this experience with your kids yet, this will either serve as some encouragement to you or scare the hell out of you.   Either way, check it out over at The Mid and I’ll be talking to you soon!



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