Let’s Discuss #HTGAWM – Season 2 (Spoiler Alert)

How to Get Away With Murder

I have never done this before and by “this” I mean written a post about a television show, but I really enjoy it when other people do.  A while back I read a slew of posts about Downton Abbey and although I never watched a single episode, I figured out by the passionate posts that the show was apparently loved by pretty much everyone besides me.

Then there is the fact that I am notorious for watching an entire season of a new show, then come Season 2? Nope. I’m done.  Either I lose interest or the writing isn’t as good or whatever excuse that I come up with.  I did it with Desperate Housewives, Revenge, Heroes (I’m not even bothering with Heroes Reborn) and countless others – it’s my m.o.  As a result of my serial television flakiness and low expectations, I really didn’t expect to be so into How To Get Away With Murder  when it debuted last season.  Oh, but I do love –  LOVE  – Viola Davis.  LOVE HER!  That said, if you follow me on Facebook then you already know that show  – #HTGAWM – turned out to be my t.v. obsession in Season 1 and I couldn’t wait for Season 2. Even though I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to be as good and I’d be disappointed by the second episode, I had the season première marked on my day planner, the school calendar and reminders in my phone starting at noon the day of, so I made sure that everything was done and out-of-the-way by showtime.  I was ready, even if it meant certain disappointment.


You guys, it’s even better!  How do they do this?  I would love to be a fly on the wall when the writers meet to discuss the story lines.  I mean, yes – it’s bizarre and out there and yes, everyone on the show seems to be over sexed, but OMG!  The intrigue!  The suspense!  These twisted people!

Now, we need to talk because a lot has gone on in just 3 episodes of the new season.  Not to mention that there is this foreshadowing storyline of Annalise’s impending death at the end of this season.  I’m flat-out confused, so let’s talk about what we know, what we suspect and what we have no clue.

1.We know that Annalise Keating is a sociopath.  As much as I want to like her, girlfriend is seriously disturbed.   I would hire Annalise to keep me out of jail, but we are not going to be hanging out and having drinks together.  She has in some way manipulated everyone she comes in contact with and clearly has no conscience. I’m starting to believe that every character on this show will have a reason to want her dead by the end of the season.

2.  Bonnie Winterbottom is straight crazy, do you hear me?! CRAY-ZEE! Killing Rebecca Sutter out of some loyalty or protection for Annalise is nothing short of insane.  Although, let me say this, I don’t know any other way for them to get out of that mess with Rebecca alive…but still.  And did you check out how cold-blooded Bonnie was – suffocating the girl like that?  Hhhmmm, something tells me that this wasn’t the first time Bonnie has killed someone and it probably won’t be the last.  What we don’t know is why she feels so indebted to Annalise and why did she refer to Annalise as having rescued her?  To which Annalise replied that she was wrong, she (Bonnie) needed rescuing from her.

3.  Asher Millstone…well, well, well, what do we have here?  What was thought to be a simple-minded, horny and spoiled rich kid is apparently a bit more complicated than what we originally believed.  We know that Asher is being blackmailed by the D.A. to supply information on Annalise, but what exactly did he do that could be used against him?  Who is the girl on the phone and why didn’t he try to tell Bonnie that the girl is not a love interest when she saw the picture on his phone?  He offered no alternate explanation, which I thought was odd.  Clearly, whatever it is that the D.A, is holding over him would be problematic for his father,who is a judge which is why Asher went to him for help.

4.   By the way, let me pause here and say that we do know that the D.A.,  Emily Sinclair, does end up dead at the end of the season in the same scene that shows Annalise dying from a gunshot wound.  Is it just me or does anyone else think that she resembles Professor Delores Umbridge in the Harry Potter movies?  Yes? No?

5.  We definitely know that Frank Delfino is a killer and we know that he and Laurel Castillo are hot for each other, but suddenly Frank is concerned about Laurel getting to know him before she puts the moves on him? Yeah, right. I think that Frank put the brakes on things with Laurel because of her father’s supposed activities. Not much has been said about her father, but during Episode 1 of the this season, Frank, suspecting that it was Laurel who offed Rebecca made a comment about not being surprised in part because of her father’s activities. Considering Frank’s line of work, he would be concerned, don’t you think?  You know what they say: game recognizes game.  By the way, I think Frank killed the freaky, murderous brother and sister’s aunt.

6.  Michaela Pratt and Eggs911 (Levi) – I’m not sure what to think here.  I mean clearly he has his own agenda in finding out what happened to Rebecca, while she just wants to sleep with him, but I have no gut feelings about where this is headed.  I have seen a few tweets that indicate that Levi is the source of HIV for Connor’s boyfriend, Oliver.   Don’t know what to think of that either.

7.   I really have nothing to say about Connor Walsh except that I am exceedingly surprised and pleased by his loyalty to Oliver after his HIV diagnosis.  He’s not such a cad after all.

8.  Which brings me to The Puppy, Wes Gibbins, and Mister Fine Thang, Nate Leahy.  Whaaaaat? Weren’t you floored when you saw Wes on the other side of the door with Nate? I know I was – I literally yelled “STOP IT!!!” Clearly, Wes wants to find out what happened to Rebecca and believes Annalise is the key, but I think Nate wants revenge (and who could blame him?).  Either way, it all aims to take Annalise down, don’t you think?  So, what we see in the end is Annalise dying from a gunshot wound as the Keating 5 escapes that   big, creepy castle-like mansion where the freaky, murderous brother and sister live.   Except, there are only 4 of them because Asher isn’t there.  Why not? Nate appears to be calling to warn her, Annalise, as he rushes to the     mansion, but is he really warning her or is he setting up his alibi by leaving a message with time stamp on her phone?

Whew! Did I miss anything ’cause that was a lot and we’re only on episode 4 this week.  Now of course we don’t know what actually becomes of Annalise  – does she really die?  I believe that she does.  And what becomes of the pseudo incestuous brother and sister?  I am literally sitting on the edge of my seat every week watching this show. It’s that good!  So, now it’s your turn, what are your theories? Let’s discuss.


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    Oh my land. All the things. All the drama. And intrigue. And triangulation. Yes. The only thing I can contribute is that Nate did say, “Pick up the phone!” like he really cared. But I don’t know. I had that inkling about Levi when he first showed up for some reason–there’s a reason why Oliver had to tell that story.
    Do you really think they will kill her off? That would end the series, right? This show without Viola Davis? I mean, YES to all the CRAZY, but she is mesmerizing to watch. I don’t know. But I’m here with you on the edge of my seat. Thanks for writing this, and for being patient with me when I don’t watch it right away.
    Oh, and yes, I was surprised to see him on the other side of the door.
    One more though–this show could almost be called “The Things We’ll Do For Love.” That seems to be the motivation for so much of the dysfunction on this show. Anyway…..rambling over.

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      “there’s a reason why oliver had to tell that story.” Good point, I hadn’t thought about that. Yes, I really think she dies, but it’s not necessarily the end (and keep in mind I always have a theory, but I’m never right – lol). Toward the end of lasst season I read that she had agreed to come back for a second season, as if it wasn’t always a done deal. I can see her “dying” and living on for Season 3 in flashbacks, kind of like testing to see if they actually learned how to get away with murder. And, yes, all of these people are love starved. It’s crazy and really good.

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