Just Show Up

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One week. That’s what’s left of our highly anticipated summer vacation.  As it turned out, we ended up not actually doing much of anything and, if the truth be known, I traded a crazy school day schedule for a crazy summer schedule. Endless hours of carting kids to ballet, gymnastics, track practice & meets, Vacation […]

Use Your Words

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1st graders. I love them so much.  They still have the sweetness and naivety of a kindergartener without the tartness of the 2nd grader, particularly as they transition to a 3rd grader.  I routinely read to Thing 2’s first grade class and those days make me extremely happy. They look forward to hearing the stories […]

I Read Banned Books

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I do, and so do you because apparently every classic book ever written and worth reading is currently or has previously been banned from school classrooms and many libraries across this country. It’s Banned Books Week 2014, and it’s time to celebrate the freedom to read.   Each year, the American Library Association compiles a […]