I Have a Surprise for You.


It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a recipe on my blog, but you know how it goes.  I’m not a food blogger – I’m a blogger who loves food. However, if I’m baking and cooking all of the time, then I’m eating all of the time and, well, the results of that can […]

Baking for Relaxation - It's a Thing


My husband is such a creäture of habit.  When he comes in from work, he stops in the kitchen to see what – if anything – is on the stove for dinner. Of course, he has to sneak a taste.   Then, unless he has somewhere to go with the kids, he goes straight to […]

How’s your summer going? Vacationing? Relaxing?  Kids bored yet?  Mine haven’t said that…yet. Anyway, we’re really busy and I have been looking for some quick dinner ideas that the family will like, but won’t keep me in the kitchen too long. This recipe for Ginger Asparagus is one of those recipes.  I usually pair this dish with […]