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  Good morning, friends!  It’s another sunny, hot day here in south Texas and summer vacation is in full swing.  Track season has started for Thing 2, while Thing 1 is busy this week in a dance intensive – obviously, I’m just the chauffeur.  A well caffeinated chauffeur. There’s been lots of time spent at […]

Almost There: My New Love of Summer Vacation

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The last week of school has arrived.  Words can not begin to express just how happy I will be when these next 3.5 days are over.  Joyful! Jolly! Gleeful! None of these adjectives seems adequate to describe the level of delight I will experience on the last day of school. See that mom skipping all […]


      I should have been in bed hours ago.  I intended to go, but realized that I still had too much to get done before I could rest.  There’s Girl Scout cookie mom stuff and PTA stuff, mom stuff and wife stuff. Stuffity, stuff, stuff-stuff. You know what I mean?  There’s always stuff. […]