Donuts & Coffee

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  One morning a couple of weeks ago before the start of school, my youngest daughter and I were running errands and enjoying the hot, steamy Texas weather ( a little sarcasm there) when she says to me, “Mom, let’s stop and get some donuts to enjoy with our coffee while we talk” Our coffee? […]

Almost There: My New Love of Summer Vacation

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The last week of school has arrived.  Words can not begin to express just how happy I will be when these next 3.5 days are over.  Joyful! Jolly! Gleeful! None of these adjectives seems adequate to describe the level of delight I will experience on the last day of school. See that mom skipping all […]

Change Is In The Air

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Change is in the air. It’s getting to be that time of year, when we exchange our Winter sweaters for warm weather clothing.  Sweat suits for swim suits and 12,000 pairs of flip-flops. Well, at least it is here in Houston.  I don’t know about you, but going through this process with my girls is not […]