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Some Secrets Can Destroy You


There are some things that all victims of childhood sexual abuse want you to know: 1. We want to run to you and tell you what has happened. 2. We are very, very scared. 3. We want you to love us. 4. We want you to believe us immediately. 5. We want you to act […]

Freckle Face

*This post was origionally featured as part of the Black History Month series on Race and ethnicity are hard subjects to talk about and contrary to popular belief, they are not the same thing.  Race generally refers to genetics, while ethnicity is cultural.  Race is determined by if you are or are not a descendant […]


“Mom, what does “racist” mean?” I turned and looked at my 3rd grader who was staring at me, waiting for an answer. “What?” I asked half buying time and half wanting to make sure that I heard her correctly. “What does the word “racist” mean?” Yes, I did hear her correctly. “Why do you want […]