I am barely functioning.  My lack of sleep has stunted my thought process and ability to focus on any one particular topic for longer than a few minutes.  So, as I was contemplating tonight’s blog topic, I realized that staying on point might be a problem.  So, this morning while driving (can you believe I’m […]

This was not a good “diet” day.  Not a really bad one either.  I bought some M&M’s but, I stuck to the pretzel kind because they sounded healthier.  I’m not really dieting… really. I’m making healthier choices. I’m making life style changes.  I’m getting a fresh start on a new and improved me.  Did I […]

Tomorrow promises to be a long day.  Thing 1 is having her tonsils and adenoids removed in the morning.  The girl should be nominated for an Oscar for Best  Actress for her dramatic performance leading up to the procedure. I can only imagine what next weeks recovery will bring.  Anyway, since I need to get […]