Did you read about the 12-year-old Black boy who was suspended because he had a staring contest with a White girl? Like a lot of things I read or see these days, it sounded entirely too crazy to be true. ¬†Initially I figured that there had to be more to the story because that […]

Every Single Day

The question put to me was: Lisa, do you really believe that race plays a part in every single part of our daily lives?” Well, if you mean do I believe that every day there is someone who willfully and intentionally slights or mistreats me because of the color of my skin, then the answer […]

Why I Write About Race


” Why do you write so much about race?” It was a question put to me by a reader who also happens to know me personally. She is White and is surprised by some of the things that I have said. ¬† I responded that this blog, My so Called Glamorous Life, is about my […]