The Last Year


  Last year I literally watched a woman live the last year of her life, as she passed away on New Year’s Eve and, although I did not know her very well, her death has had quite an impact on me.  Since her passing I have tried to recount each and every conversation, no matter […]

I really have no words to adequately describe the loss that the world has experienced with the death of author and poet Maya Angelou.  Not only was she a gifted writer, but even more so she was an activist, teacher and peace-seeker.  Mostly, she had an ability to touch humanity; to understand that in our […]


“Epitaphs used be to three words: “Mother. Sister. Wife” as an example. If you were writing your own Epitaph, what three words would you want to be your legacy and why?” This was the question posed to me and my fellow bloggers in my Rising Bloggers group, by Amy over at The Reinvention of Amy.  As […]