Donuts & Coffee

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  One morning a couple of weeks ago before the start of school, my youngest daughter and I were running errands and enjoying the hot, steamy Texas weather ( a little sarcasm there) when she says to me, “Mom, let’s stop and get some donuts to enjoy with our coffee while we talk” Our coffee? […]

Her Own Words - Keena Atkinson

  I consider Keena Atkinson to be a study in perseverance and determination.  I do not know many people who have made a declaration of intent in their lives and no matter what she has going on, gone after it with as much verve as Keena has.  She’s young, but she is not immature and […]

A Post About Unmade Beds, Globs of Tooth Paste and Tang

Right after I walk the girls to school and grab a cup of coffee (always a cup of coffee before anything else) I spend about five to ten minutes in their bedroom, kind of setting things straight.  Then checking their bathroom to make sure that there are no clothes lying on the floor and that […]