Did you read about the 12-year-old Black boy who was suspended because he had a staring contest with a White girl? Like a lot of things I read or see these days, it sounded entirely too crazy to be true.  Initially I figured that there had to be more to the story because that […]

Just Show Up

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One week. That’s what’s left of our highly anticipated summer vacation.  As it turned out, we ended up not actually doing much of anything and, if the truth be known, I traded a crazy school day schedule for a crazy summer schedule. Endless hours of carting kids to ballet, gymnastics, track practice & meets, Vacation […]

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  Good morning, friends!  It’s another sunny, hot day here in south Texas and summer vacation is in full swing.  Track season has started for Thing 2, while Thing 1 is busy this week in a dance intensive – obviously, I’m just the chauffeur.  A well caffeinated chauffeur. There’s been lots of time spent at […]