What I Learned in 5th Grade About Puberty and Responsibility


  It’s been about 40 or so years since I was in the 5th grade and to be honest, I don’t remember much about it.  I remember my teacher, Ms. Behrens, who was like a cross between Marlo Thomas and Gloria Steinem.  Wholesome, yet cool. I remember becoming more and more socially stressed, but not […]

Some Secrets Can Destroy You


There are some things that all victims of childhood sexual abuse want you to know: 1. We want to run to you and tell you what has happened. 2. We are very, very scared. 3. We want you to love us. 4. We want you to believe us immediately. 5. We want you to act […]

Oh, Boy!  Where do I start?  This week two ladies that I admire greatly, for different reasons, seriously disappointed me.  Serena Williams and Paula Deen are currently at the top of their game yet, each of them, personally, got it wrong this week and I feel so let down. Serena Williams is arguably the greatest […]