Pepper - A Special Guest Post


It’s the last week of school (WHOOT!) which means there are piles and piles of papers, art projects, books and stuff all over my dining room table waiting to be sorted through.  If it’s something really cute, sweet or can somehow be recycled, then I keep it while everything else gets tossed. Yesterday, while  going […]

Almost There: My New Love of Summer Vacation

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The last week of school has arrived.  Words can not begin to express just how happy I will be when these next 3.5 days are over.  Joyful! Jolly! Gleeful! None of these adjectives seems adequate to describe the level of delight I will experience on the last day of school. See that mom skipping all […]

Use Your Words

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1st graders. I love them so much.  They still have the sweetness and naivety of a kindergartener without the tartness of the 2nd grader, particularly as they transition to a 3rd grader.  I routinely read to Thing 2’s first grade class and those days make me extremely happy. They look forward to hearing the stories […]