summer vacation

Almost There: My New Love of Summer Vacation

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The last week of school has arrived.  Words can not begin to express just how happy I will be when these next 3.5 days are over.  Joyful! Jolly! Gleeful! None of these adjectives seems adequate to describe the level of delight I will experience on the last day of school. See that mom skipping all […]

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  Oh, Oh!  The party’s almost over.  We’ve swam, vacationed, and pretty much partied our way through the summer.  We’ve lived like rock stars…well, rock stars that have a 9:30 bed time.  However, the reality is that change is in the air and school bells are about to ring across the country.  Personally, I have […]


  Yes, I’m counting the days until school starts, but not for the reasons that you may think.  Historically I used to start counting the days oh, about a week after summer break started.  Yea, I know how that sounds, you don’t have to tell me, but it’s true.  Summer break usually was the beginning […]